I find dinner recipes fairly simple to create but often struggle to think of exciting lunch ideas (mostly because of a struggle with time).

For that reason, I make my lunches very simple and managed to find a quick and easy, yet delicious lunch recipe recently. Inspired by a recipe from Clean Eating Alice (an awesome person you need to follow on Instagram for recipes), I threw this together in hardy any time at all, and was surprised by how delicious it was.


Serves 1


1 egg

30g curly kale

50g avocado

6g organic coconut oil



Boil a kettle full of water

As the kettle boils, chop the avocado into slices or chunks (to your own preference)

Pour the boiling water into a pan on the hob, turn on the heat and place the egg in the water – leaving until soft-boiled, which takes approx. 3-4 minutes

Chop the kale (or rip it if neatness just isn’t your thing) as the egg soft-boils

Place the coconut oil in a frying pan and melt, then add the kale and coat the kale in the coconut oil until it cooks (you’ll know this has happened when it goes a darker green and shrinks in size)

Place the sauted kale on a plate with the chopped avocado on top, then finish with the boiled egg

photo (17)

Macros (may change depending on size of the egg used):

Carbs – 3g

Fat – 23g

Protein – 2g

Fibre – 2g