Handstand Strength Home Workout for Beginners

If you’ve ever looked at my Instagram you’ll know how obsessed I am with trying to perfect my handstand.  Seriously, I've wanted to be able to do a handstand since I was about five-years-old, but I...

Top Tips for Looking After Your Joints

Let's be honest, most of us don't really think about looking after our joints until we end up with an injury. I'll openly admit that I only started caring about my joints after I dislocated my knee many ye...

How to Have a Healthy Lifestyle When You’re Busy

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to have a healthy lifestyle without dedicating hours to meal prep and workouts like a bikini contestant would.⁣ Get my top tips for creating a healthy lifestyle even when you don't have much free time.

Is Rest Something we Should be Ashamed of?

Some people in the fitness industry say if you want to achieve your goals then you need to devote all of your time to training and meal prep, and that if you ever spend any time resting then you’re not trying hard enough. Is this true?

5 Steps to Boost your Immune System

Winter is well and truly here! Which means almost everyone I know has some kind of cold/flu bug.   I'm currently getting over pleurisy, which was a nasty complication from a viral infection, so I've been doing...