If you’re looking for the perfect refreshing lollipop this summer, look no further.

These creamy strawberry and banana fro yo pops contain Greek yoghurt, so not only are they seriously tasty and refreshing but they actually contain a fairly high amount of protein…perfect!

So when you need something refreshing to cool you down this summer you can turn to these fro yo pops without feeling worried about ruining your healthy eating!


80 grams chopped strawberries

80 grams chopped bananas

300g Greek yoghurt

You will also need four plastic (or paper) cups and four lollipop sticks


Put the bananas and strawberries into a bowl and mash together

Put the Greek yoghurt into the bowl and mix the ingredients together until they are stirred in well

Scrape the mixture into a jug (just because it’s easier for pouring), and pour the mixture into each of the cups (approx 2.5 inches high)

Tap the bottoms of the cups on the worktop gently to settle the top of the mixture, then place a lolly stick into each cup…this should not quite touch the bottom of the mixture, but be deep enough in so that it will have plenty to hold onto as it freezes

Place into the freezer for at least 4 hours, then remove from the cups and enjoy!

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