There are very few of us who are completely happy with our bodies and because of this countless men and women resort to fad diets, often involving dangerous methods to lose weight.

Many of these fad diets encourage eating far less calories than your body actually needs simply to keep functioning, which is not safe. Your body burns calories even while you’re sleeping and needs enough food in your system to keep going.

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Slightly lowering your caloric intake by a reasonable amount can be a good thing if you are over-eating, but when people severely lower their caloric intake for long periods of time (as many fad diets recommend) they are ultimately (slowly but surely) damaging their bodies.

Not only is eating a caloric deficit (less calories than your body needs to function) dangerous in the long term but it also slows down your metabolism, the thing that makes your body burn calories.

Once you do stop the diet the weight will pile back on because all diets have a shelf life; you can’t live on them forever. Let’s be honest – nobody can live (or for a better word, survive) like that. So once you return to your normal eating habits your body will be grateful for the food and hold onto it, assuming that one day soon you will ‘starve’ it again.


The safest way to lose fat is through a clean eating lifestyle. This is simply choosing to eliminate processed foods and extra additives from your diet. So you are choosing to eat whole, unrefined foods.

When you buy food check that there are no more than 4-6 ingredients in the ingredient list. Also, try to only buy foods where you recognise each item listed in the ingredients. This is the best way to ensure you know what you’re putting into your body.

Essentially you should be eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, meats and whole grains.

Clean eating isn’t a quick fix that promises to help you lose a stone in a week, but it is a sensible lifestyle change which WILL help you to lose fat gradually, and you’ll be more likely to keep it off.

Losing fat isn’t as easy as many of these fad diets will make you believe. It takes dedication and commitment.


So ditch the fad diets and start eating clean.

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