Does anyone else really miss donuts!? Well, thankfully Rachel from Healthy and Psyched shared a blog post recently about her favourite vegan donuts and after trying them (and falling completely in love), I had to share this with you!

By the way, Rachel’s Instagram is well worth a follow! Her smoothie bowls all look amazing!

In my excitement of scrolling through the blog post to find the recipe, I mistakenly thought it was created by Leisha Mulvey, but the donut recipe I tried out was actually created by Rebecca at Willow and Dove. Yep, I’m a fast scrolling skim-reading idiot!

Anyway, Willow and Dove can be found at Sneinton Vegan Market, Nottingham on the first Saturday of every month. Having checked out Leisha’s blog as well though (after realising my mistake) I have to admit that her recipes look awesome too, particularly the cookie dough one! I’ll be trying that for definite.

Anyway, embarrassing apology out of the way, the part you really want is here now. I will apologise in advance for not actually sharing the recipe here on my blog for you, but as it’s not a recipe I created, I don’t think it would be right to put it on here and detract from Rachel’s blog getting a cheeky little visit from you, as she went to the trouble of interviewing Rebecca and getting all of the recipe details.

So click HERE to go straight to the recipe page. I wouldn’t normally write a blog post with basically just a link, but in this case, trust me, it’s worth it!


Here’s Rebecca’s recipe for raw vegan mini donuts

By the way, if you’re wondering, the nuts I used were cashew nuts and the sweetener I chose was agave nectar. If you make them, let me know what you think!