As well as being a qualified personal trainer, I’m also a qualified Kettlercise® instructor!

I have a passion for making fitness fun, and my Kettlercise® classes are a great way for you to improve your cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility in a friendly, fun environment.

The classes cover all levels of fitness, from beginner to advanced, so come along and train with me!

I currently hold a class in Redruth (Cornwall) on Wednesday mornings and Pool (Cornwall) on Monday evenings. More details are at the bottom of this page.


Kettlercise® brings kettlebell training screaming into the 21st century – ‘one piece of equipment, one goal’. This program delivers a lean, toned body …………fat burning just got real simple.

Kettlercise® uses a specially formulated B.S.M. method. It’s Kettlercise®’s own secret formula to maximising calorie burn to destroying fat really quick! Kettlercise® covers a huge range of 37 kettlebell exercises ranging from basic moves to more advanced techniques, from high energy pulse raises to being able to place extra emphasis on target muscle groups like abs, glutes, arms and thighs and all with maximum effectiveness.

It’s a stimulating, invigorating, safe and easy-to-follow, kettlebell inspired, calorie blitzing, fat blasting program and people everywhere are loving the lightning quick RESULTS!

  •     It increases lean, toned muscle for a more sculpted appearance

  •     It’s THE all over body transform fat loss and toning program

  •     It’s already a proven success

  •     Its safe and effective

  •     It’s fun

  •     It covers all levels of fitness beginner to advanced



Put very simply, come along to my class so you can have fun while getting super fit and strong.

Release your inner badass! 


I currently hold classes on:

  • Mondays 6-7pm at Pool Academy dance studio (across the corridor from the main hall)

Post code: TR15 3PZ


Post code: TR16 4AX. 

Once you turn onto Treleigh Industrial Estate (which is next to the Inn for All Seasons) follow the road straight, then turn right when you see Contract Sign Systems on your right. Then follow the road and you’ll see West Coast Academy on your left. There’s free parking in front of the building and plenty around the back too.

To reserve your place, simply comment on any of my social media posts or email me to let me know which class you’ll be attending (so I know how many kettlebells to bring with me).

Please also read the details below.


I provide the kettlebells for the class (in case you were wondering).


Please note: Unfortunately, due to the intense nature of a Kettlercise class, the class is not safe for pregnant women to take part in. I’m really sorry about this – it’s out of my hands and is a decision made by Kettlercise® in the best interest of the health of both the expectant mother and her baby.

Please also note: If you have any recurring joint or muscular issues please ensure you have cleared it with your doctor that you are ok to exercise before coming to class. This is in the best interest of your health and medical safety as I want you to enjoy Kettlercise® safely.


Before attending: Due to restricted space in each class, as mentioned above, please let me know which class you’d like to reserve your place in via social media or email.

£5 per class.



Come along and train with me!!

Nat xx