Happy Easter everyone!!

So, as today is pretty much sponsored by chocolate, I thought I’d post a quick recipe you can make if you fancy some chocolate but don’t want to break your clean eating.

For the record, today I will be having an Easter egg or two because I eat everything in moderation…and because I love chocolate! But, whether you don’t fancy breaking your clean eating, or you want a healthy chocolate treat as well as your others, try making these. They take about 5-10 minutes and are really easy to make.

These have a good amount of carbs and iron, and some lovely good fats too. They taste deliciously indulgent and have a really soft fudgy consistency. Is that even a word…fudgy!? Well, you’ll know exactly what I mean when you make them.

Makes 7 balls


60g pitted dates

3 tbsp water

10g cacao powder (or cocoa powder)

15g pumpkin seeds

15g cashew nuts

1 tsp vanilla extract

Cacao powder and/or coconut flakes to coat the balls



Place the dates and water in a food processor and blend until smooth (or at least until most of the chunks have gone)

Crush the pumpkin seeds and cashew nuts into small chunks or until powdered – this depends on personal preference (I use the milling blade on my Nutribullet, but you can roll them in a tea towel and bash with a rolling pin, or blend in the food processor)

Place the dates, pumpkin seeds and cashew nuts in the food processor, then add the cacao powder and vanilla extract and blend until the mixture gathers together

Put some cacao powder and/or coconut flakes onto a plate, then remove the mixture from the food processor and make a small amount into a ball, before rolling it in the cacao powder/coconut flakes

Repeat with each ball

(The mixture will be very sticky before rolling it in the coating, so it’s easiest to make a rough ball shape with your finger tips and then shape it into more of a ball when rolling in the cacao powder/coconut flakes)

These can be eaten immediately, or put in the fridge first



Macros (per ball):

Kcals – 56

Carbs – 7g

Fat – 2g

Protein – 2g

Fibre – 1g