If you’ve been running for a while with the goal of fat loss, but seem to have hit a plateau then it might be time to think about changing your run.

Your body adapts to the demands you put on it, so after a surprisingly short amount of time you will actually adjust to your usual workout. That’s why you begin to find it easier…because you’re getting stronger and because your body starts to know what to expect.

When your body knows what’s coming it’s time to change things up so you start working hard again – an easy workout won’t be beneficial! So here are a few things you can do to break out of that plateau with running:

1. Introduce some interval training

Interval training is one of the best ways to burn fat, and put quite simply, it’s when you give it all you’ve got for a short period of time, then go at a slower pace, then back to high intensity, then back to a slower pace. Spending your entire run at the same pace throughout is great if you’re looking to improve your endurance or your running ability in general, but if you’re looking to blast calories then try introducing interval training.

A simple thing you can try is jogging or speed walking for 30 seconds followed by sprinting for 30 seconds a few times over. This might sound crazy, but it’s a great way to burn fat!

2. Include some bodyweight exercises during your run

If you run outdoors then you’ve got a fantastic playground for working out! Instead of just running, try to find places to do a few reps of another exercise. Low garden walls or benches are great for tricep dips or push ups, and obstacles in the way on your run are a good chance for you to practice box jump style exercises. If you really can’t find anything to work with just use the ground and do some burpees, or even some squats and lunges in between your intervals. You can’t do that on a treadmill!

Breaking the run up like this will not only make it more beneficial for you in terms of losing fat, but it will also stop you from getting bored.

3. Look for ways to get an incline into your run

It’s tempting to just run on flat ground as it’s easier, but an easy workout isn’t going to get the results you want. If there’s a hill or even a slope nearby, incorporate it into your run and you will feel the difference the next day, and see the difference soon after!

Don’t allow yourself to take the simple route – push hard and it will be worth it.

4. Pick a route you enjoy

If I enjoy the route or if there are beautiful views to gaze at then I tend to run for longer – a dull route can get boring, meaning you won’t be enjoying your workout. If you’re not enjoying it then you’re more likely to quit!

Try mixing things up – if you live near the coast go for a run by the beach, or if you live in the city opt for places with outstanding views, rather than just opening your front door and running in the first direction that comes to mind. Find a way to make it enjoyable, and you’ll want to keep running and taking in the views.

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