I love working out and I’m not afraid to say that I’m addicted – it’s not like it’s a bad addiction!

It hasn’t always been that way though. I’ve always been active, but I didn’t used to like going to the gym or doing anything that I considered a workout…and I used to think of any excuse to make it ok for me not to do it. We’ve all done it – be honest.

Here are some of my old favourites with a little motivation of how to get past your best excuses:

1. My gym kit isn’t clean

This used to be a favourite of mine – how can you go to the gym if you have nothing to wear?!

Come on – you know when you’re planning to go to the gym and if your intentions are good then you’ll make sure that your gym wear is clean and dry in time for each session.

2. I’m still aching from my last workout

Please don’t make me do any more squats when my legs already burn just walking up the stairs!

Admittedly this can actually be a valid excuse if you’ve torn a muscle or anything like that, but if it’s just a bad case of DOMS then a workout could actually help to ease some of the muscle aches.

3. It’s raining

It’s too wet and miserable to go out – this particularly works if you’re a runner!

So what if it’s raining – go to the gym and the endorphins will make you feel so happy you’ll think it’s perfect weather! If you really can’t stand the thought of going outside then fit in a body weight workout at home.

4. It’s sunny

This was also one I used a lot – why would I want to be working out when I could be laying on the beach?!

Now I think about how good I want to look and feel on the beach, and that soon gets me to the gym!

5. I’m too tired – I’ll make up for it tomorrow

After a long day the last thing you want to do is work hard at the gym – I know, and it’s all good if I just push extra hard tomorrow – right?

Sadly not – we’d all love if that was the case because you’d be able to just go the gym once a month and push really hard to make up for not going for the rest of that month. If you’re just feeling a bit lazy and can’t be bothered then get off the sofa and go workout! But if you’ve actually been pushing yourself too hard with work, etc and are showing signs of exhaustion then it’s advisable to have some rest.

6. I’ve not got time

I’ve been guilty of this one too – with everything you have to fit in to your day it can seem impossible to cram a workout in there!

Now I FIND time – admittedly it can be hard to clear an hour or two for the gym, but if you really are struggling to fit in time for working out, do a HIIT session. It’s only 10-20 minutes long and will seriously work up a sweat!

7. I’m not in the mood

You know when you’re just not feeling it, and all you want to do is lay on the sofa feeling sorry for yourself? Yep, we’ve all been there.

Get up and workout! Some of my best workouts have actually been while I’m not in the mood for it – I guess it’s because I put so much anger towards the fact that I’m exercising! The best part – afterwards I feel great!

8. I haven’t been to the gym all week, so I’ll just start again on Monday

Be honest – we’ve all had weeks like this where, for whatever reasons, you haven’t done any exercise, so what’s the point in doing just one ‘silly little’ workout?!

Don’t fall into the ‘I’ll start again next week’ trap – it’s easy to do. Whether it’s with your diet or exercise, this can stop you from seeing any results. If you have a bad day, or even a bad couple of days, get up and pick up where you left off. Why let a whole week go to ruin when you could sort it out now?

We’ve all done it…how many are you guilty of?

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