Last week I had the pleasure of being invited to take part in a brand new workout in London – Best’s Bootcamp. The new luxe-fitness studio, which is tipped to be a rival for Barry’s Bootcamp, is opening on Monday, so I wanted to let you all know what I thought of it…

Bootcamp Training-227 (1)

Having been told that Best’s Bootcamp was a combination of weight training and treadmill sprints, I couldn’t wait to have a go. I was prepared for it to be tough…and it didn’t disappoint. Such a great workout!

The class I attended was 60 minutes long and it consisted of alternating between time on the treadmill and time spent weight training, using an awesome bespoke soft training step. So it’s a complete cardiovascular and strength training workout, which is great for burning fat and building lean muscle (toning up).

Bootcamp Training-129

If you want to feel the burn and push yourself hard then you need to check out Best’s! That being said, they do offer modifications for each exercise, so it’s accessible to any level.

Bootcamp Training-180

There’s also a really cool Trainer Cam, which means that wherever you are in the gym you can see the demo being given by the instructor. No more awkward craning your neck to figure out what you should be doing.

Bootcamp Training-106

Best’s opens on Monday (9th May) with state of the art facilities in the studio and fully stocked changing rooms, including GHD’s and an amazing cool down cubicle (which has to be seen to understand how great it is).

There’s even an onsite blend bar for a post-workout smoothie so you can grab a drink before heading off to work/shopping/whatever you want to do. I highly recommend the Chocolate banana peanut butter one!

Chcocolate banana peanut butter smoothie

Having never done Barry’s Bootcamp I can’t comment on which is better, but I loved Best’s Bootcamp! I will definitely be going again next time I’m in London. I can’t wait to try the workout feeling fully healed as I had to take it slightly easier this time round due to injuring my bicep a month ago and then annoyingly tweaking it again a few days before the class (which is why I’m not holding weights in some of the photos).

I can’t recommend this workout enough. Be prepared to work hard and go check it out for yourself at Charing Cross!

For more info, visit Bests’s Bootcamp online and follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

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  1. woodenwindowsills

    I would LOVE this kind of thing, I love a good hard workout. I bet after 60 minutes you were exhausted – it’s tiring enough doing HIIT for 40 mins! Alice xx

    • Fit and Gluten-Free

      You would definitely enjoy it if you love a hard workout. It’s amazing! I can’t wait to go again! The time surprisingly went really quickly too because they split it up well, but yeah, I was exhausted. Not easy, but so good!xx


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