You all know I love finding new gluten-free foods and creating recipes, so when Nestle got in touch and asked me to review their Gluten Free Corn Flakes and create a recipe using them I was thrilled! Although the part of me that still wants to be 10 years old instantly thought of just coating them in chocolate and putting them in cupcake cases, I decided to create a tasty treat meal instead.

Before I give you the recipe for my gluten-free chicken with a honey corn flake crumb, I wanted to talk about the corn flakes, as in just eating them as a bowl of cereal.

I first found these about six months ago and love the honey flakes so I was happy to write a review! The original flavour gluten free corn flakes are nice too, but in my opinion the honey ones are way better. I do have a sweet tooth though so take that into consideration before shunning the original flavour flakes.

It’s been years since I had ‘normal’ (I hate that word) corn flakes, but I honestly couldn’t tell that I was eating gluten-free cereal. If you’ve tried gluten-free cereal you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about when I say a lot of it tastes like flavoured cardboard…but these don’t! They’ve got a great crunchy texture and taste delicious!

They also contain loads of vitamins and minerals, which is fab! So you’re enjoying a tasty treat while also getting plenty of nutrients. Oh, and they don’t cost a fortune…yay!

Because I like my breakfast to be mostly protein and good fats (before my workout) I don’t usually have cereal in the morning, I’ll occasionally enjoy a bowl of these for a brunch treat or I’ll take a few handfuls from the box as a treat snack in the evening.

They taste great so I definitely recommend them, oh, and I’m not just saying that because Nestle asked me to review them. My reviews on this blog are always honest because I hate the thought of having to endorse something I actually don’t like.

Anyway, now for my super yum recipe. It’s by far my favourite recipe I’ve created yet…possibly because it’s a treat meal:

Chicken with a honey corn flake crumb


I made this with chicken drumsticks but you could easily swap it for chicken breast or thighs if you wanted. The recipe creates 4 drumsticks so just adjust ingredient amounts for whatever size of chicken pieces you choose.


4 chicken drumsticks – I removed the skin as I’m not a fan of it but that’s up to you

50g honey

40g Nestle Gluten Free Honey Flakes

Sprinkle of thyme

5g sesame seeds



Preheat the oven to 180 C

Crush the Nestle Gluten Free Honey Flakes until they are small enough to make a crumb – I put them in my smoothie maker for a few seconds and the blades smashed them down to the perfect size, but you could wrap them in a tea towel and use a rolling pin

Once you have a crumb size you are happy with, put in a small bowl and mix in the sesame seeds

Place the crumb mix to one side

In another bowl, mix the honey and sprinkle of thyme – the amount of thyme is dependent on your own taste (although I wouldn’t recommend a large amount as it can be overpowering if you add too much)

Take one drumstick (holding the bone end) and coat it with the honey and thyme mixture using either a food brush or a spoon

Then, still holding the bone end of the drumstick, dip it in the crumb mixture and turn over until coated

Repeat for the other three drumsticks (or any other chicken pieces you choose)

Place all drumsticks on an oven tray and put in the oven to cook for 25 minutes – I didn’t turn mine over but all ovens differ so you may need to do this, you may also need to slightly alter the cooking time

To check your chicken is cooked, cut open one drumstick at the thickest part and if the chicken is white and any juices running are clear then it’s cooked

Then enjoy!

Macros (for 2 drumsticks):

Carbs – 38g

Fat – 10g

Protein – 38g

If you’d like to try out more recipes that use Nestle Gluten Free Corn Flakes, check out Phil Vickery’s latest video recipes:

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I tried making the gluten-free brownies and they’re really good! The right mix of soft and squidgy (just how a brownie should be) with that gorgeous crunch.


Have you tried Nestle Gluten Free Corn Flakes yet? What do you think of them?

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