I’ve been making plain old chicken and pepper kebabs for ages and will usually coat them in soy sauce, or Nandos sauce as a treat, but fancied shaking things up a little so decided to add some chorizo and it turned out to be a great idea!

Because the chorizo is packed with all sorts of yummy seasonings there was no need to add any garlic/onions/anything to this dish, which makes it really quick and easy to make.

I served mine with sweet potato mash but rice would go well with these too. Oh, and I usually add garlic and seasoning to my mash but found I preferred the sweet potato to not have a strong flavour because of the strength of the chorizo…but you don’t have to stick to my very basic sweet potato mash recipe listed below if you want even more flavour on your plate.

Serves 2


2 medium chicken breasts – cut into chunks

150g chorizo sausage (check it’s gluten-free) – cut into thick slices/chunks

1 red pepper – cut into medium chunks

1 green pepper – cut into medium chunks

1 tbsp coconut oil

500g sweet potato – cut into small/medium chunks

3/4 cup coconut milk (add more if you prefer your mash to be smoother)

[Apologies for overuse of the word chunks!]



Place the sweet potato chunks in a microwaveable bowl and put in the microwave for approx. 8-12 minutes (this will vary according to your microwave) until cooked

While the sweet potato is cooking, put a frying pan on the hob and melt the coconut oil

Add the chicken and cook until the meat turns white (so it’s no longer raw) but not yet brown, then add the chorizo and peppers, and cook together for approx. 8-10 minutes to allow the chorizo juices to flow in the pan

Once the sweet potato is cooked, remove from the microwave and add the coconut milk, then mash with a potato masher or a fork until you achieve the desired texture – some of us like lumpy mash, some like smooth and some like little lumps in a mostly smooth mash – take your pick

Take the pan off the hob and empty the contents onto a large plate (being careful not to let any of the hot juices spill out of the pan)

Then (carefully) place the chicken, chorizo and pepper pieces on kebab skewers – you might have to wait a while before doing this as it’s all boiling hot



Macros (per person when serving 2):

Carbs – 64g

Fat – 39g

Protein – 58g

Fibre – 7g


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