Do you workout because you want to get fit and healthy but hate every second of it? Guess what…exercise doesn’t have to be boring. Seriously.

I talk to a lot of people who tell me they want to get fit but hate running and my reply is always to do something else then. You don’t have to run. In fact, it’s much better for you to try to find a workout that you enjoy because the chances of you sticking with something you hate are minimal.

You might not think it’s possible but if you find the right thing for you then you will enjoy it. The best part is that because you’ll be enjoying it, you’ll be more likely to stick with it and any results gained from that workout will just be an awesome bonus.

If you’d told me years ago that I would look forward to my workouts, I would’ve laughed. Now I genuinely love it. Part of the reason is because of the way exercise makes me feel, but it’s also because I mix it up and only regularly do the workouts I enjoy. I often try new workouts to keep things fresh too and aerial hoop is the latest addition.

Aerial fitness, such as pole and hoop, are two of my main passions and I don’t even realise I’m exercising while doing those because I’m having so much fun…until the DOMS kick in the next day.


As for weight lifting, I never would’ve thought I’d like that but once I tried it I soon became addicted and it’s now one of my favourite workouts.

I’ve obviously tried various workouts/classes that I didn’t particularly enjoy and I’m not going to name them because I wouldn’t want to blacklist them; the only reason I didn’t like them is personal choice, not because they weren’t any good. We all have different taste and opinions, so you might love something I didn’t like and vice versa.

If everyone else loved a certain top and always wore it, would you buy that top and force yourself to wear it just because you thought you ‘should’, even if it didn’t fit well? Of course not. So don’t feel like you need to do the same with workouts.

Find something you love. There are loads of different exercise classes/gym workouts/outdoor pursuits available; take some time to check out a few things that appeal to you and go for it! If you really don’t like it then you never have to do it again. At least then you can tick that off your list and move on to the next thing until you find something that you enjoy.

The difficult part is figuring out whether you really don’t enjoy what you’re doing or whether you just aren’t keen on how hard you’re having to work. HIIT was something I fell in love with after just a few sessions because I realised that, although I initially didn’t like how out of breath I got, I enjoyed the feeling at the end and I love the way you get to give 100% for a while then get a break, before doing it again.

My regular methods of exercise are weight training, HIIT (The Viking Method), pole fitness/dancing and aerial hoop. I love each of these workouts and wouldn’t include them every week if I didn’t. I also love yoga and fit in a class whenever I can.

What are your favourite workouts?


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