I’m new to working out and healthy eating, where should I start?

I regularly post fitness advice and clean eating tips so check out the tabs on the drop down menu to get you started. If you’re struggling to stay on track then check out the motivation tab too, I’m here to help keep you on the right track.

I’m new to going gluten-free, help!

Don’t panic, it can be daunting at first but there really are loads of delicious naturally gluten-free foods out there, as well as some tasty packaged gluten-free treats. Check my gluten-free living tab for help and advice. Also check out my recipes for inspiration.

Are all of the recipes on Happy Healthy Nat (was Fit and Gluten-Free) gluten-free?

Every recipe I create and post is gluten-free. However, the ingredients in products you buy may differ to the brands I personally use, so please always check the ingredients before using anything suggested on my recipes.

It could also be that a product I used in a recipe was gluten-free at the time I posted it but has since started containing gluten so it is always best to check. Because of this, I can’t be held responsible for if you use an ingredient that does contain gluten so please read all ingredients on packaging before you start preparing the food.

What diet would you recommend? 

I don’t promote (fad) diets at all. Healthy eating and regular exercise is the best (and safest) way to achieve your health and fitness goals. Adopting a healthy and active lifestyle will help you to keep the weight off as there’s no end date, unlike diet plans.



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