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I’m a trained journalist with a personal training qualification. If you’d like to work with me on a freelance commission for your publication, or a post for my blog or social media, please get in touch by sending an email to [email protected].

The Telegraph – Why is sleep so important? Dr Sophie Bostock explains

Lady sat up in bed awake
Life lessons: take time to understand the science behind sleep.
(Photograph: Getty – The Telegraph)

The Telegraph – Why better breathing could hold the key to happiness

woman meditating with headphones
Tune out: Learn how to benefit greatly from your own breathing.
(Photograph: Getty – The Telegraph)

The Telegraph – Eight stress management lessons we’ve learned from lockdown

woman smiling in the sun outside
Lockdown life: What has the period of restrictions taught us about ourselves?
(Photograph: Getty – The Telegraph)

MTV Fitness – What is the difference between yoga and pilates?

They’re both great workouts, but they’re not the same thing.
(Picture: Getty images – MTV)

The Polurrian Hotel – A Review by Happy Healthy Nat!

Natalie Roberts at Polurrian on the Lizard hotel grounds.
When planning a holiday, most of us either want some time to switch off so we can relax, or an opportunity to explore and fit in the things we can’t find time for in our usual routines. I fit somewhere in the middle. I don’t want to spend the whole break doing nothing, but I also don’t want to end up feeling like I need a holiday to get over the one I’ve just had!

The Body Coach – How to make meal prep fun for families

Healthy meal prep can be tricky when you’ve got kids. The idea that you might all one day happily sit down for the same healthy meal – containing at least some vegetables – can seem like a distant dream. That’s where getting your child involved and making food prep fun can have amazing results.
(Picture: The Body Coach)

The Body Coach – How to ‘spring lean’ your home for summer

The days are getting longer, weather is getting warmer and that’s often when loads of us start thinking about making the change to a healthier lifestyle. In this post, Natalie Roberts tells us how to Spring Lean your house and get set up for success.
(Picture: The Body Coach)

MTV Fitness – 5 reasons to try pole fitness

Forget the stereotypes, pole fitness is a killer strength workout that will leave you feeling FIERCE.

MTV Fitness – 10 steps to feeling less awkward in the gym

Because, let’s be fair, it can be awkward AF.
(Picture: MTV)

The Body Coach – How to help your children develop healthy habits

In an ideal world, kids would develop their own healthy habits from a young age. They’d happily eat every nutritious meal we make, and lead active lives without having to be bribed with the Xbox or a WiFi password. But it can be a battle to get children to feel excited about the healthy stuff and it’s a challenge many parents face.
(Picture: The Body Coach)

MTV Fitness – 3 ways you can learn to love your body

None of them include counting calories or spending all your spare time in the gym.
(Picture: MTV)


The Guardian – Why suicide is on the increase among the UK’s police and firefighters

The fire and rescue services have suffered a 30% reduction since 2010. resulting in about 7,000 job losses and 40 fire stations closed across the UK.<strong></strong>
Rise in those taking their lives blamed on cuts, redundancies, more unpaid overtime and high levels of stress
(Photograph: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty – The Guardian)


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