Find out how Charlie got on during her first week trying a new active hobby as part of the #trysomethingactive challenge.

Here’s her first blog post, it’s great inspiration for something you can try…

I get bored quite fast. I think this is why I’ve never committed to a fitness class in the past. Same people, same place, same routine….the predictability scares me.

It’s not the fitness aspect, I strive to be as healthy as I can generally and a few years ago started running, which I now love. Running is the opposite of weekly classes. I have full control, I can go when I want (babysitter permitting), where I want and for as long as I can, with the added bonus of being outside in all elements.  I regularly manage 5k to 10k, but recently I feel like I’ve reached a point where I’m plateauing and I’d like to take it up a notch. Which is why the opportunity/challenge of joining Fitness Wild for 4 weeks intrigued me…

What’s my real motivation? Well somebody mentioned to me that if I want to improve my running ability then I need to get stronger, so the challenge is on. For the next 4 weeks I’m going to be lifting weights and bars – (I’m not down with the gym lingo enough to know the exact name of the thing you lift above your head/chest) and kettle bells! Anyone who knows me well will find this very amusing.

From the website description, Fitness Wild sounds like my cup of tea actually. Images of the jungle spring to mind, of me in Tarzan and Jane mode swinging from tree to tree and drinking from coconuts. If I’m honest, I’m a teeny bit excited.

Straight away I like the feel of the class – Jimmy & Ben rock up in their van full of outdoor gym equipment, friendly, unpretentious and real. During the warm up it’s completely obvious they know their stuff and that technique and form are the main priority. I’m just slightly concerned about their confidence in my ability.

So in my snazzy leggings and Trago Mills waterproof I’m ready for action. The group consists of 8 other ladies, some I can tell have been coming for a while, and others have the familiar ‘rabbit in headlight’ expression. This particular Fitness Wild class takes place at Gyllyngvase Gardens, it’s drizzling but the sun is out and thankfully the mild days of November are still here, so all is good.

What’s particularly nice, and distracts me from the serious looking lifting equipment I’ve just clocked are the little toddlers roaming about. My boys are in childcare, but the ones that are here are very happy to play together and watch their mum’s torture themselves.

The class is a circuit of training stations consisting of kettle bells, weights, press ups, rugby tackle (yes, I know), squats and sprinting. We do 3 sets with a quick breather in-between. There’s no fancy gadgetry- no heart rate monitor or mileage tracking, just a timer.


I’m wheezing, breathless, aching and legs are literally trembling. It doesn’t sound much but after the third round I am completely knackered, I can’t walk and I feel sick. Yet I’m buzzing, I never imagined myself to be able to lift kettle bells!?

Whoever said that the hardest part of training is showing up was lying. I’ve committed to 4 weeks. If I say it fast it doesn’t sound that much, if I do the exercises slowly I won’t have to do as much. If I resolve myself to the fact that I’m probably going to ache every day for the next 28 days maybe it will be easier… Watch this space to either marvel at my improvement and 6-pack…or laugh at my pain.

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