Find out how Melanie got on during her first week trying a new active hobby as part of the #trysomethingactive challenge.

Here’s her first blog post, which is particularly great inspiration for those of you who are struggling to find time to get out to a class…

Whilst wanting to take part in the Fit and Gluten-Free ‘Try something active’ challenge, I was all too aware of the fact I was very busy, didn’t want to spend too much money, already regularly running and it was winter. That in mind I thought I would try a home workout DVD I was recommended a while ago called Yogalates.

I selected this for a number of reasons. I had never tried it, it combined two regimes (Yoga and Pilates), it could be carried out anytime at home and it would not only help with toning but also be relaxing.

Having found a suitable DVD, I found myself strangely cross-legged and barefoot, sitting on the floor in a yoga pose ready to start the workout. Not feeling very relaxed at this point, I was starting to feel a bit dubious! Once it got going though, the voice of the instructor was very calming and having spent time preparing, we then started some very effective Pilates style exercises. These were well explained and although new to me and probably not done to my best ability, I hope to be able to improve in the next few weeks.

The lovely people at Bounce have sent me some of their protein ball snacks to try so I will report back in my next blog. Excited about this because they are also gluten-free!

Fancy joining in the challenge? All you need to do is share photos of your new active hobby experience with #trysomethingactive on social media for your chance to win some Bounce balls! It’s not too late to get involved!

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