As part of the #trysomethingactive challenge I asked a few people to blog about their experience trying new active hobbies for four weeks. Melissa decided to try a new class each week throughout the challenge!

Here’s her first blog post…

I decided to take on the four week challenge when I saw it advertised on Facebook.

I’m the type of person who loves a good challenge and the fact that it involved free bounce balls was a bonus. I love exercising but I can get bored pretty quickly so the idea of trying different classes every week was really appealing.

The first challenge I set myself was to try two classes back to back which was hardcore as after a long day’s work I was exhausted but I’m glad I did it. I did a Frame barre class which involved a fusion of Pilates, ballet and yoga. The moves were slow but challenging, especially for your core muscles. I definitely felt the burn and enjoyed the class.

As I love a good sweat, the next one was a Body by frame class. This was a high intensity class and I had no idea how hard it would be! It was so challenging and I couldn’t do the whole class and everyone kept having to take pauses. We had a very enthusiastic instructor. My muscles were aching and I was sweating like crazy. I think I will try that class when I’m more fresh as I tend to be a gym in the morning person, so it was really hard this evening.

The gym is called Move your frame in Shoreditch, London and I’ve signed up for a Frame card to get discounted classes. It’s not cheap but I tend to go as a “treat” as I meet a friend there and we do the classes together as a catch up. I’m pretty proud of myself that I did both of them though.

Roll on the next challenge!

It’s not too late to get involved…simply try a new active hobby for the next four weeks and share photos of your experience with #trysomethingactive on social media for your chance to win some Bounce balls!

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