Sarah agreed to blog about her experience trying a new active hobby for four weeks as part of the #trysomethingactive challenge.

If you’re looking for an active hobby to try, here’s her first blog post for inspiration…

It’s my first week of the #trysomethingactive challenge and I decided I would start spinning!

I tried this once several months ago and wasn’t convinced as my class seemed way too easy for a beginner! I am fairly fit already, but had hoped for there to be a bit of a challenge for me. So I spoke with my fitness instructor at the gym and he said he taught a class himself and I should come along, so I thought…why not?!

So I arrived at my class and took the last bike left, the room looked full of pros! I did see my instructors chirpy face smiling over and I started to feel at ease. Well…that’s where the ease ended! After 5 minutes I didn’t think I could go on, but pushed on to 10 minutes, not thinking I would live to see 15!

My instructor kept catching my eye to see if I was ok…of course I was visibly, but inside…ahhh! So I pushed on and man was this class harder! I carried on and kept checking the time to see how much longer I had to go! Just as we were coming to an end, we stretched out and eased ourselves back to normality! My instructor came to see how I was, which was good and asked how I felt his class was, which I replied “great”! It was great and I did really push myself to my max!

Can I endure another 3 weeks? Well, it will help with my instructor keeping an eye on me and I had enjoyed it really…bring it on!

It’s not too late to get involved…simply try a new active hobby for the next four weeks and share photos of your experience with #trysomethingactive on social media for your chance to win some Bounce balls!

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