Do you get the look of sympathy when you tell people you can’t eat gluten? You know what I mean, that tilted head look that basically says you poor thing, you must miss eating nice food.

I used to get that look a lot when I first went gluten-free because so many people thought it meant I would never be able to enjoy a meal again, as though everything I ate would taste bland and like cardboard. I have to be honest, there was a time when I thought my life might be that way but I soon realised that gluten-free food isn’t boring at all!

Before I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance my diet wasn’t the best, I had always known something wasn’t quite right with my digestive system and so I had tweaked my diet to allow for this by cutting out the foods I knew made me feel unwell. That left me with some very strange food combinations and I became incredibly fussy because there were so many foods I thought I couldn’t eat as I was afraid of how they’d make me feel. It actually made me not enjoy food (seriously).

Since my diagnosis, however, I’ve fallen in love with food. I actually enjoy food now, which may sound strange but I had a bit of a battle with food as I just couldn’t find things I liked that didn’t make me feel unwell. Being gluten-free has actually helped me to find great tasting food that I feel safe and happy eating, and I’ve started experimenting more with food.

I’ve found and created gluten-free recipes that taste far better than most of the meals I used to eat before I was diagnosed. Being gluten-free doesn’t have to mean you’re missing out; the world doesn’t revolve around gluten.

It’s actually a great excuse to get back to basics in the kitchen. Take some time to experiment and find new meals! That feeling of eating something and knowing you won’t have a horrible food reaction because you’ve cut out gluten (or whatever it is you can’t digest) is fantastic and you’ll soon fall in love with food again. Yes, there are some items that resemble a piece of cardboard, but the same could also be said for some gluten containing foods, so don’t let it get to you.

There are plenty of gluten-free food products that taste delicious and loads of great gluten-free recipes; there really is no reason to spend your life eating bland boring foods just because you can’t eat gluten!

What are your favourite gluten-free recipes?

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