It’s Saturday again, so that means it’s time for another smoothie recipe! As I’ve been posting one every weekend for a while now, I figured it was time I shared a green smoothie recipe with you.

But don’t run away because this green smoothie definitely doesn’t taste green – I mean a lot of green smoothies basically taste like pond water. Let’s be honest – you know exactly what I mean. This one isn’t like that at all though.

I actually refer to this as my green smoothie for beginners because it tastes so good that it eases you into the world of green smoothies without putting you off. 😉

It’s a great way to get some spinach in your diet even if you don’t like it because you can’t even taste the spinach in this.

Along with the spinach there’s half an avocado and I just want to take a minute to let you guys know that (like many people) I can’t afford to buy fresh fruit and veg all the time. I want to eat as healthy as possible and to obviously feed my son nutritious food, but buying fresh fruit and veg can be expensive…especially when things like avocados go off so quickly that you end up basically throwing your money in the bin!

That’s why I buy a lot of frozen fruit and veg. In fact the spinach and the avocado used in this recipe are both from a frozen packet. It’s a LOT cheaper and you’ll end up wasting far less food because they won’t go off in your fridge! Just so you know, I don’t tend to use the frozen spinach when making a salad though – fresh definitely tastes better for that.

Anyway, frozen fruit and veg lasts for ages and is really easy to use, so save yourself some money and buy frozen. FYI, I also very rarely use fresh berries – there’s no need to spend more than you absolutely have to.

Just in case anyone is disgusted about the fact I’m promoting buying frozen fruit and veg when it’s very rarely organic produce… As someone who literally walks around the supermarket adding everything up in my head as I go along, I can safely say I’m not fussed about whether it’s organic because I couldn’t afford to buy organic anyway. And I’m sure I’m not the only one. I’m just thrilled to be able to afford avocados without needing to scrape together the pennies!

Anyway, money saving tip aside, now it’s time for the recipe…

Green smoothie for beginners

Smoothie Saturday Green smoothie


55g spinach

1 banana

Half an avocado

200ml coconut milk

1/2tsp vanilla extract



Put all of the ingredients into the blender and blitz until smooth. Then pour into a glass and enjoy!

Lovely and simple (as always).

Smoothie Saturday Green smoothie recipe


Kcals: 252

Carbs: 33g

Fat: 12g

Protein: 4g

Fibre: 6g

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