I recently realised it’s been a while since I posted a healthy cheesecake recipe, so it’s time to rectify that.

Having tried a few different combinations I finally came up with this absolute stunner of a recipe and right now I’m feeling happier than Westlife during a key change because it’s so unbelievably delicious! 

This healthy cheesecake is tasty, healthy and nutritious because it’s packed full of good fats, fibre and antioxidants!

By the way, I must admit that I’ve used that as an excuse to devour a whole one of these in just two days. No shame…not that I’m encouraging that. It was needed for research purposes. 😉

Before I list the ingredients for this super easy to make healthy cheesecake and you freak out wondering how this could possibly taste nice with a certain thing in the base, bear with me. One of the main ingredients in the base is *drum roll* chickpeas! 

Don’t run away though because believe me, it tastes phenomenal! Everyone I’ve shared this with has come back for more…including my son, who is one of the toughest to please as he’s 14 and doesn’t particularly enjoy eating things he knows are good for him. So the fact he loves this tells me it’s definitely a winner!!


I’ve basically used pretty much the whole range from The Groovy Food Company in this healthy cheesecake recipe! I’ve been a fan of their products for ages and always use their agave nectar, so when they offered to send me some products for me to experiment with (unpaid) I figured if their other products are anywhere near as good as the agave nectar then I would be in for a treat…and I wasn’t wrong.

If you’ve checked out any of my other recipes on my blog you’ll know I’m a big fan of simple recipes with as little faff as possible, and this is another quick and easy one for you.

By the way, I find this healthy cheesecake is at its best within the first two days because after that the topping starts to seep into the base, making the base less dry than when it’s fresh. It does still taste great after a few days (so don’t worry), but it just doesn’t look as good.

Ah what the heck…it gives you a reason to eat a decent sized portion when it’s freshly made. 😉




100g tinned chickpeas (drained)

25g chia seeds (I used the Chia Seed Co white ones)

60g coconut flour (The Groovy Food Company)

40g coconut sugar (The Groovy Food Company)

20g coconut oil (The Groovy Food Company)


400g Greek yoghurt (I used Fage – the full fat one)

60ml agave nectar (The Groovy Food Company)

2tsp lemon extract

110g frozen raspberries

30ml coconut oil (The Groovy Food Company)



Preheat the oven to 160 degrees.

Put the chickpeas in a food processor and whizz up until the mixture starts to look like slightly large (and very yellow) breadcrumbs.

Then (if you have a Nutribullet) put the chia seeds in it using the milling blade to break them up. If you don’t have a Nutribullet you could just add them to the food processor.

Once the chia seeds have been added to the chickpeas in the food processor, add the coconut flour, coconut sugar and the coconut oil, and whizz it all up until it forms what looks again like breadcrumbs.

Pour the mixture into an 18cm loose bottomed cake tin and press it down firmly all over using a spatula, then put in the oven for 12 minutes. Allow it to cool before making the topping.

Then clean out the food processor and put the Greek yoghurt,  agave nectar, coconut oil and lemon extract in the food processor and whizz it all up so it mixes together.

Then add the frozen raspberries and whizz it up again until the raspberries have all broken up into the mixture and blended in (turning it a beautiful pink).

Carefully pour the topping onto the base and give the cake tin a slight wobble on the kitchen worktop to level it out.

Then place in the freezer for 3 and a half hours (sorry you have to wait – well, you could eat it straight away but it would be more like a ‘slop cake’ than a cheesecake).

Move the cheesecake to the fridge for 20 minutes after this, then remove it and cut into 8 beautiful slices before either starting to eat it straight away or putting it back in the fridge until you want some. I find it best to cut it into slices straight away like this to help the cheesecake keep its shape, rather than waiting to cut it each time you want some.



Macros per slice (when serving 8):

Kcals – 212

Carbs – 17g

Fat – 12g

Protein – 7.6g

Fibre – 5.4g


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    • Happy Healthy Nat

      Hey lovely, The Groovy Food Company’s coconut sugar and flour are both sold in my local Tesco Extra, so I’m guessing they should hopefully be stocked in a store near you too. Coconut flour can be pretty tough to bake with as far as cakes, etc because it’s so different in texture to other gluten-free flours, but using it as a base for a cheesecake is a really simple way to make sure it goes right.xxx


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