Just under 6 weeks ago I enrolled on The Viking Method’s 6 weeks of Fury program and on Tuesday I had the pleasure of having a PT session with the founder, Svava.

So I thought I’d let you all know how the PT session went and what I think of the 6 weeks of Fury.

I filmed a small amount of the PT session so you can check it out. This was filmed at the very end so if I look exhausted it’s because I was! I’m aching now and it’s so worth it:

Thankfully Svava isn’t like a bootcamp style trainer – it was a huge relief that there was no screaming or shouting and I was given time to get my breath back in between sets.

The PT session involved some of the combinations I’d already tried in the 6 weeks of Fury, as well as many new combos, and despite being well and truly pushed to my limits, it was genuinely fun! I crawled along the floor, kicked and punched pads, did what felt like endless amounts of burpees, and as you can see in the video, jumped backwards like a kangaroo who has lost their way. That might look crazy, but I could definitely feel it working!

Svava is not only an awesome powerhouse of a woman, but one of the nicest people I’ve met. She gets results without making you feel scared and her workout method is amazingly unique.

There were numerous times while exercising, both during the online workouts and the PT session, that I felt like a badass ninja! Granted, I probably didn’t look much like one, but I felt like one and that’s what matters because I love the feeling of becoming stronger.

It was an incredible PT session and I’m still feeling the buzz from it!

I urge you to go and check out The Viking Method and sign up for the 6 weeks of Fury online so you can see for yourself just how great it is. Oh, and you get to select your fitness level so don’t be afraid if you’re a beginner. As Svava says:

“Your level of fitness is not important. Only your mindset is.”


I’ve still got a few days left until I complete the program but wanted to tell you all about it…

When I started the 6 weeks of Fury I classed myself as strong but not particularly fit. After less than five minutes of the first workout I knew this was going to be the program that finally got me fit as well as strong because the exercises mix cardio with resistance training.

After every workout I was literally dripping with sweat…and I felt fantastic!


You get two workout programs which you alternate each day (so program 1 on Monday, program 2 on Tuesday, etc) and every two weeks Svava changes the online workouts so your body is always guessing what’s coming next…which is hard work but so worth it! The workouts can be done either in the gym or at home, so even if you’re not keen on going to the gym this program would still be great for you. You also get some fab nutritional advice, which I found really useful and my diet has definitely improved.

Svava’s workouts are unlike any others I’ve tried and I love that because the feeling I get each time I complete one is amazing! They’re hard work and if you give the program 100% you’ll hugely benefit from it. Looking back at the first week and realising how much fitter and stronger I’ve become in just 6 weeks is incredible!

As far as physical appearance, my legs are more lean than before, my bum has been given a boost (I’ve always had a pancake flat bum so that’s much appreciated) and I can see obvious definition coming through on my stomach, which is awesome!

The Viking Method is all about power, strength and courage, and I can honestly say I’ve grown in each of those areas. My waistline has done the complete opposite of growing though…yay!

I love being a Viking!

To find out more about The Viking Method, check out the website and my recent Q&A with Svava.

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