Nat’s Faves

Over the years, I’ve tried loads of products…but only a handful have made it into my everyday life. So I want to share my absolute favourite foods, workout equipment, etc with you here:

Some of these items have affiliate links, but I only accept those for the things I genuinely love! I want you guys to know if I’m promoting something it’s because I believe in it.

Nutristrength protein powder


I can’t speak highly enough of this! Their pea protein is the only protein powder I’ve ever found that doesn’t make me bloat…and it all tastes delicious!

I add their roasted cocoa pea protein powder to my porridge every single morning. And it’s one of my absolute favourite meals…if you think I’m exaggerating ask anyone who knows me well how much I go on about my love of porridge.

The School of Calisthenics Online Classes


Over the past few years I’ve become obsessed with callisthenics. It’s one of my favourite ways to train and I can’t recommend these guys enough. Jacko and Tim from The School of Calisthenics gave me my first introduction to the world of calisthenics…and now I’m hooked! They seriously know their stuff and their online classes are fantastic!

If you want to learn how to do handstands, pull ups, pistol squats, muscle ups, etc their online classes are awesome!

Delicious Alchemy Oats

I mentioned my love of porridge earlier, so I HAD to post this on here…the only oats that don’t flare up my gluten intolerance symptoms. I am in love with these.

I’ve tried so many different brands of gluten-free oats and these have never let me down. No bloating whatsoever! They also taste gooooood.


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