I realised today that I haven’t written a purely motivational post for a while and although most of my blog posts include a little motivation in them, I thought you might like something to keep you going, especially during the winter.

So my thought for today is that you should never give up because of how far you have to go; I realise it can be daunting when you think of your ultimate goal, but don’t let it get you down. Whether you’ve started working towards it already, or if you plan to start fresh in the new year, it’s important to never allow yourself to feel disheartened about it.

Break it down into small goals to make it less scary; so set yourself a mini-goal for two or three months time and when you achieve that, set another mini-goal. Keep going until you achieve your final goal. Also, don’t forget to reward yourself/celebrate each time you achieve one of your mini-goals! It might only seem like a small step on the ladder to you, but the fact you’ve achieved something you set out to do is brilliant!

The key to success isn’t being an expert from the beginning; it’s being determined and never giving up. We all make mistakes along the way and everything we learn from each of these mistakes makes us better.

We all have to start somewhere and when I first started going to the gym and doing all of the other things I do to stay fit and active, I certainly wasn’t an expert! I felt nervous and wasn’t really sure what to do, but I spoke to an instructor and they helped me tremendously. Don’t put pressure on yourself to know exactly how to do something the first time you try it; ask for help. That’s what instructors are there for and it will make you much less likely to injure yourself.

If you feel like you’ve lost motivation lately or if you’re planning your new year fresh start, take a minute now to write down your ultimate goal. Then break that goal down in to various mini-goals along the way. For advice on how to safely achieve your goals, see my recent blog post.

For those days when you feel like giving up, just remember why you started.

Each step you take towards your goal is making progress, no matter how small. You can do this!

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