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Hey everyone!

I’ve made the crazy decision to enter my little baby blog into the UK Blog Awards – yep, the big one!

Despite feeling like my blog is far too tiny to go anywhere in this particular competition because of some of the huge blogs I’m up against, I made the decision to go for it…after much deliberation. The voting actually started on Monday but I held off asking anyone to vote because I felt so out of my depth. But you know what – I’m going for it. Albeit a few days later than every other blog. 😉

I write about believing in yourself and I’d be a fool if I didn’t take my own advice. It might sound absurd as I’ve been blogging for a few years, but I still find it crazy to think anyone actually likes my recipes or even gives a tiny rat’s ass about what I write!

What made me change my mind and decide to go for it? The support from you guys and my fellow blogging friends. You have all been incredibly supportive getting me to the finals of two award ceremonies already this year, and I can’t thank you enough! The weird thing is that I didn’t even mind not winning the award that I was shortlisted for earlier this year because just knowing I had your support to get me that far meant the world to me, and it still does! For both of the awards that I’ve been shortlisted as a finalist, it’s been a huge surprise and it reassures me that people do actually like my blog! I really can’t thank you enough!

If you have a spare minute please vote for me in the UK Blog Awards.

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My blog is up for an award in both the food and drink category and the sports and fitness category, and you can choose to vote for me in either, or both, of those categories. One vote is allowed per email address, so if I’ve ever created a recipe you’ve loved the look of (and taste of, if you’ve tried it), or if I’ve inspired you to workout, or motivated you to do something active, or even if I’ve just made you smile with some of my ‘many faces of Nat while working out’, please vote for me.

I want to spread the word that credible health journalism based on facts and science is important and that overall health is the goal to work towards – not starving yourself or living your life based on what the scales say. So if you would please vote for me I would be hugely grateful because it will enable me to grow my blog and spread that message to even more people!

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Thank you so much for your constant support with my little baby blog, it’s wonderful to know people actually enjoy the things I write about! And I wouldn’t be where I am without you guys.

And you know what entering these blog awards has taught me? That even when you might be having a difficult time believing in yourself, someone out there does believe in you. So you should never EVER doubt your own abilities. Take each opportunity and face it head on.

Natalie x


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