If you’ve managed to resist comfort eating or texting your ex during lockdown then you should probably receive a medal.

In the past few months, we’ve all had moments where we’ve gone from feeling great to suddenly falling into a worry spiral of dismay. And let’s be honest – being unable to go outside freely has forced many of us to look deep inside. Whether we intended to, or not.

By the way, if you’re thinking about texting an ex right now, put that damn phone down. And don’t text that other person either – the one who wasn’t quite an ex but was a ‘something’. You deserve better.

It’s strange to say, but I think the mini (and sometimes not so mini) freak-outs are one of the main things we all have in common during lockdown. I mean, it’s understandable – we’ve never been through anything like this before and we’re all learning how to handle it.

If you’re anything like me, your lockdown days have probably switched back and forth between feeling super motivated to read loads and attend webinars…to just laying on the sofa refreshing every social media app on a loop while eating everything you can find.

Read Your Way to Wellbeing in Lockdown

I’ll be honest – if I look past the reason we’re in this situation, and the fact I was very unwell for the first month of lockdown, I’ve actually enjoyed the slower pace of life. And I’ve loved spending more time with my son! Although, as he’s 17 and prefers to spend time on his Xbox, I doubt the feeling is mutual. Nah, he’s been great really – humouring his dear old (actually, less of the old) mum and spending time with me.

The truth is that right now, there is no correct way to feel. But if lockdown is taking its toll on your mental health and wellbeing, I’ve got something that could help…

The Health Psychology team at King’s College London are looking for adults in the UK who are trying to maintain physical and mental wellbeing during lockdown…which I think applies to pretty much all of us!

They’ve created a wellbeing ‘self-management’ booklet. And they’re looking for people to read it so they can find out whether its contents can help wellbeing during lockdown.

I’ve received a copy of the booklet already and I think it’s brilliant! The team are aware that “knowing what to do does not necessarily translate into action”, so the booklet is written in the style of a workbook.

To find out more and to take part, click here.

Read Your Way to Wellbeing in Lockdown

I’ve also done some research to provide you guys with the best books for wellbeing in general. I was going to list my favourite wellbeing books, but then I realised something…Just because I found them helpful that doesn’t mean they’ll be any good for other people. Then I found out about Reading Well.

It’s a website filled with book recommendations for mental health/self-help/wellbeing (whatever you prefer to call it). And every book on the website is recommended by health experts!

Most of them are available through libraries as eBooks or audiobooks for free too. Yep, I’m a total bargain hunter. And free is the best bargain of them all.

As I’m sharing links to resources to support wellbeing, I think it’s worth pointing out that healing isn’t always straightforward. So be kind to yourself. Give yourself time to make your way through reading each page of whatever you choose and allow yourself to feel whatever you need to feel. Give yourself a chance to heal. It’s worth the work.

But no matter what, don’t bloody text your ex.

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