I exercise loads so am always looking for new workout gear, and this sports bra caught my eye. The Anita Active Extreme Control Sports Bra promises maximum support and comfort, so I had to check it out…and it’s a fantastic bra!

As soon as I put it on I knew it would be a great bra because it held everything in place comfortably, and I felt ready to workout. There was no part of the bra that felt awkward or like it could dig in at any point during my workout.

The makers claim that this sports bra provides maximum support for any workout, without compromising on comfort. They’ve definitely achieved that – I felt totally secure during running, HIIT and even pole dancing (which involved spinning around, going upside down and generally doing movements that many other workouts don’t involve). No wobbling or jiggling and I didn’t at any time feel like I needed to adjust anything.  I was perfectly comfortable the whole time!

This sports bra hasn’t let me down for any workout – it’s great!

The straps are really comfortable as they have padding in them, and, after about two hours of wearing it, when I took it off there were no marks on my shoulders…something other sports bras in the past have caused. Ok, so it’s not the end of the world if you have the bra strap marks, but it’s obviously much better if they’re not there as it means your body isn’t under any unnecessary stress.

If you’re fed up with racer back sports bras then there’s even more reason to buy this as it has straight down straps. I even love the mesh design on the back which isn’t just something that looks good – it is actually designed that way to ensure that your skin stays dry.

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The inner cups are made from seamless microfibre towelling which is a much softer material than the outer fabric. It feels super comfortable, and I was so relieved to not feel sticky at any point while wearing this bra due to the awesome sweat wicking!

The underbust band is even made from comfortable soft microfibre that moulds to your body! It’s a nice wide underbust band too – which I love as thin bands can move around at any point, meaning that you have to adjust during your workout. They’ve really thought of everything to make this comfortable and practical.

You could easily wear this sports bra on its own, and I do. It looks just like a crop top!

The Anita Active Extreme Control Sports Bra looks great, gives brilliant support while being comfortable and keeps the sweat at bay. It’s easily one of the best sports bras I’ve tried.

I highly recommend it for any size – it’s available in sizes 30-46 B-H.

It’s available at Figleaves.com for £46 – for a great sports bra, that’s a bargain!

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