My favourite protein brand recently sent me some of their new protein bars to try, and (although they haven’t asked me to write a review – so this isn’t sponsored) I thought I’d let you all know what I think of the bars.

Nutristrength protein is the main protein powder I’ve used since I first found the brand just over a year ago. I’ve tried others because y’know commitment is scary, but I always came back to Nutristrength, so have actually stopped trying other brands now. Their protein powders are clean, gluten-free (yay) and taste delicious with no aftertaste. Woohoo!

Anyway, protein bars are a great healthy convenience food for any time and they’re also a quick and tasty snack before/after training…or you can pop them on top of a stack of protein pancakes (like I did last week). #winning


There are loads of protein bars out there, some good and some pretty damn bad. But these bars by Nutristrength actually taste so good you forget you’re eating a protein bar – it’s easy to see there’s been a lot of focus on making sure the flavours are perfect. No powdery protein left unmixed or anything like that, and they’re not too chewy either. Just right.

There are three flavours: 

Apple and cinnamon vegan protein slice

Cocoa and coconut protein brownie (vegetarian)

Summer fruits vegan protein boost

My personal favourite is summer fruits, but all of them are packed with delicious flavours and the cocoa coconut one honestly tastes far too good to be healthy. But I’ve checked the ingredients and somehow it is!

Speaking of ingredients, as I said earlier, something I love about Nutristrength products is that they’re clean. I recognise every single ingredient in each of these bars…and none of them contain any freaky E-numbers or anything like that. They fit into a clean eating lifestyle perfectly.


The macros on these bars are great too – the apple and cinnamon and the summer fruits bars both have 142kcals per bar with 10g of protein in each and hardly any fat, with a healthy amount of carbs.

The cocoa coconut protein brownie has ever so slightly different macros but they’re still at a perfectly healthy level for a snack! 155kcals with 8g of protein and still hardly any fat, with a healthy amount of carbs again.

Although I’ve been a pain in the arse all the way through this post calling them bars, I actually love the fact Nutristrength have named them slices and brownies – it makes them sound so much better, and the appearance of them is very high quality. They actually don’t look like generic protein bars *ahem* I mean slices or brownies at all. They look like a high quality snack bar, which they are! And at £2 per bar (or a box of 18 for £34) they’re a great price too.


Nutristrength’s protein brownies and slices are a great healthy snack suitable for anyone! Try them and let me know what you think.

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