I’ve tried loads of sports bras over the years – some of which have felt like they’ve supported me even less than my usual bras! Then I found the Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra – the sports bra that somehow manages to support me no matter what workout I’m doing, while being so light I forget I’m actually wearing it!

This bra was specifically designed for runners but I’ve worn it for a number of workouts, including running, HIIT, dancing and weight lifting, and it’s worked perfectly every time.

The makers claim “the award-winning Ultimate Run bra reduces bounce by up to 78%* and provides ultimate friction-free comfort” and they’re not lying! Obviously there was a little movement – the only way anyone could completely stop their boobs jiggling during a workout would be to strap them down (ouch), but it was substantially less movement than the sports bra I had previously been wearing – so much so that I’ve actually thrown that one away.

The way it works is through an ‘Infinity-8 support system’ which “counteracts the breasts’ figure-of-eight movement during running”. It all sounds very technical, and Shock Absorber have clearly done their research and testing as it’s brilliant.

I first tried it out while going for a run and was pleasantly surprised there was barely any movement in this sports bra! I completed my run without even giving a thought about anything other than my running technique…and breathing obviously.

After finding that the sports bra was so good during a run, I decided to try it out while doing HIIT and again, I wasn’t disappointed. I felt totally supported and comfortable. With other sports bras I’ve had to stop part way through to adjust the straps to get comfy after moving around, but this didn’t budge – it was great!

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The inside of the bra is soft and seamless, and feels amazingly gentle against your skin. The padded straps are fully adjustable, which is great because I experimented with how tight I wanted them to be until I found the perfect place. For me, that meant the shoulders had to be on the tightest clasp, but that’s because I do a lot of high impact workouts and don’t want anything wobbling or bouncing unnecessarily, and I have a very short body anyway.

Because of this, the bra is basically customisable to your own body shape as you’re able to take into account if you have particularly high or low shoulders, etc. It’s great!

The elastic band under the cups is thick and very comfortable as it keeps everything still on your body, and it was good to know the base of the bra was held in place with a decent amount of fabric – no tiny thing attempting to keep it held together.

It fastens in two places at the back – the usual base bra fastening, and a middle of the back fastening which I found great because it gave that extra pull together preventing me from feeling like I could fall out at any moment.

If you decide to wear this bra on its own it’s great because it has reflective tape across the cups for high visibility and could easily pass as a crop top!

The Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra looks fantastic, wicks sweat from your body, supports perfectly and is so comfortable I forgot I was wearing it! Gone are the days of adjusting your sports bra every few minutes during a workout…thankfully!

I highly recommend it for any size – it’s available in sizes A 30-36 B/C/D/DD/E/F 30-38.

It’s available at Figleaves.com for £38 – which in my opinion, for a good sports bra, is a bargain!

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