I recently found the Swiss Cherry neck pad, and was curious as to whether it could actually relieve aches and pains, so decided to try it out.

When I opened the packaging I found a cute little note from the company, which I loved because it adds a personal touch, and I was surprised at how simple the instructions for use were – all I had to do was place the neck pad in the microwave for two minutes and then it was ready to use!

The neck pad was packed full of organic cherry stones with natural cotton covering them, so there was no bulky padding getting in the way of the heat from within the stones transferring to my neck and shoulders.

I type a lot (as you can tell by my blog posts) and so carry a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders, and this really helped as the individual cherry stones enabled it to surround the shape of my shoulders and neck perfectly! It soothed the aches and I felt completely comfortable within seconds.

The best way I can think to describe the way that this feels is through the words of Olaf from Frozen – warm hugs! Sorry if you’re fed up with Frozen, but it really is just like a super warm hug soothing away your troubles.

I actually put the neck pad on with the intention of continuing to work while it soothed my tension, but felt so relaxed I decided to chill while it worked its magic on my shoulders. I was desperately hoping the heat wouldn’t fade too quickly, and was pleasantly surprised that it lasted for just over 35 minutes – much longer than I had expected!

If you fall in love with it, like I have, then you can pop it in the microwave again as it’s reusable, and very durable.

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Swiss Cherry’s neck pad works by offering natural, safe and clean thermotherapy – the benefits of which are pain relief, relaxed muscles, elongated connective tissue, reduced stiffness and increased blood flow, which ultimately results in better healing.

It’s incredibly therapeutic, and I’ve used it so much now that just the scent of the cherry stones in the neck pad fills me with calm – I guess it’s the whole memory association thing, although it obviously doesn’t make me feel as good as when I place it on my shoulders!

Aside from how lovely the actual product is, it’s also great that it’s environmentally friendly – hand-made using natural cotton and Swiss cherry stones, and every neck pad sold actually helps to support a charity!

For every item Swiss Cherry sells they donate enough money to give a homeless young person a safe and warm place to stay for three nights, through a charity called Centrepoint – who work towards getting (and keeping) young people in England off the streets.

So not only is the Swiss Cherry neck pad a fantastic product to soothe your aches and pains from working out and/or the general stresses of daily life, but by buying one, you’re helping young homeless people to get off the streets – I think that’s amazing!

To find out more about the work Swiss Cherry does with Centrepoint, like Swiss Cherry’s Facebook page.

You can buy the neck pad in two sizes – either a ‘pro’ (full size) – £50.50, or a ‘go’ (travel size) – £45…a bargain for the warm fuzzy feeling you’ll get both from the neck pad working its magic and the fact that you’ve supported a great charity.

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