How many times have you seen fad diets or get fit quick schemes promising you can lose a stone in a month, or drop a dress size in a week? Or items that say they can shrink any part of your body!?

These ‘promises’ are everywhere and I understand they could be appealing because the idea of achieving your fat loss goals in very little time with what appears to be an industry secret would obviously be amazing!

However, I’m sorry to break this to you, but none of these things work…and in the rare circumstance that they do give you something close to the results promised, they’re not safe.

I wrote a blog post ages ago about how fad diets aren’t safe, but I just had to write something again on a similar note because it scares me to think how many people are still getting sucked into these crazy things. I’m giving you this advice so you can look after your health…and save your time and money, rather than wasting it trying all of these things out.

You all know how passionate I am about health. It’s the most important thing – way more important than what dress size you are!

Yes, we all have that image of what we see as the ‘perfect body’ and when something ‘promises’ we can look that way with little effort it’s obviously going to be tempting (I understand), but what good is it having a body that you feel looks aesthetically pleasing if you’ve had to sacrifice your health to get it!? No fad diet will give you the results eating clean and exercising regularly will.

Believe me, there is no magic fat loss formula. It doesn’t exist.


I saw this picture on Instagram and loved it!

Just eat clean and exercise regularly to achieve your goals. Hard work and dedication is the ‘secret’, if you can call it that.

I know that’s not as sexy sounding as the thought of losing weight magically by eating a certain thing all day every day, or by popping something claiming to be a fat loss pill, but it’s the truth…so call off your search for a magic fat loss formula. Instead look after your body by making generally healthier choices.

Look after your body. You only get one.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask for my advice/help.

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