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I strongly believe we should all endeavour to have active lifestyles and I’d love to find out more about you all so I’ve come up with a plan for us all to #trysomethingactive – take up a new active hobby for four weeks.

I’d love for some of you to write about your experience of trying a new exercise-based activity/active hobby each week to be shared on my blog!

This is open to everyone, regardless of your current level of activity and fitness.

You choose the activity – it could be swimming/martial arts/yoga/hockey/pole dancing/hula hooping – anything as long as you’re new to it because the whole point of this is that you’re trying something new. There are so many ways for us all to be more active and you really can keep fit even if you hate the thought of going to a gym.

I’ve been talking to the lovely people at Bounce foods and they’ve kindly agreed to sponsor this challenge so each person who is chosen to blog about their activity will receive a free goody bag from Bounce!! 

Bounce Group Shot_Cacao Orange

Although I’ll only be choosing five people to blog about their chosen activity, I’d love for the rest of you to take part in this too, so I’ve created the hashtag #trysomethingactive for you all to share your photos of your new activities…and Bounce have given me some freebies for competition prizes too!

I really appreciate you all being such amazing people and following/liking/sharing my posts so all you have to do to be entered is post a photo of yourself doing your new chosen activity with #trysomethingactive on Twitter or Instagram, or for Facebook, post the photo as a comment on any of my Facebook page posts (with the comment #trysomethingactive).

This competition will close at the end of the four weeks, and because I’m encouraging you to keep up your new activity for the four weeks, each relevant photo you share with the hashtag will get you an entry into the competition…so if you keep up the new activity once a week for the four weeks then you’ll be entered into the competition four times! Please note – maximum of four entries per person.

The four weeks will run from 23 November to 20 December so it will give you a head start on the usual January ‘new year, new you’ plans. 

If you’re interested in being one of the chosen activity bloggers (bearing in mind that you don’t need any previous blogging experience), these are the key points:

  • Pick an activity/pastime you’d like to do at least once a week for four weeks
  • Write an honest blog post about it each week, including at least one photo in each blog post – one post would also need to include a mini review of the Bounce balls
  • Document any changes you notice about yourself – physical/mental/emotional
  • Your final blog post will need to include any progress you’ve noticed and whether you will be continuing with that activity

So you get to try something new and active…and simply for blogging about it you get given some Bounce goodies!! 

If you’d like to apply to be one of the chosen activity bloggers who gets given a Bounce goody bag please let me know by filling in this short form.

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