As the challenge fell over the Christmas break, the final two weeks are starting now. Find out how Melissa got on during her third week of the #trysomethingactive challenge and join in now for your chance to win some Bounce balls…

So after the Christmas excesses and a beautiful holiday in Dubai, I’m back into my healthy eating and exercise routine. Mind you, I did exercise daily on holiday too though. You’ve got to run off those treats 😉

Since I got back from holiday, the hubby and I have decided to be healthier. He’s joining me in my exercise routine and has picked up the weights. It’s amazing how quickly guys can increase their weight. I tried to use the same weight that he was using to do a bicep curl but I was unable to lift it!!!! He’s only just started to exercise and I’ve been doing it for years. I’m a cardio queen though and he is a stronger guy after all.

We have been drinking a protein based smoothie for breakfast which keeps me going until lunchtime. I didn’t realise that it would be more filling than my usual breakfast. I don’t get the sugar crash mid morning which helps stabilise my mood! As for the hubby, his arms are getting bigger 😉

Today, I went back to move your frame gym in Kings cross and did two classes. Cardio kettlebells and Ass and Abs.

Cardio kettlebells really jacked up your heart rate and I was sweating loads. We did sets of 30 secs per exercise with rest and then 20 secs per exercise then rest. All moves were meant to increase your heart rate rapidly. A Tabata session was included too.

The next class that I did is called Ass and Abs and is a typical bum and tums class with cardio added into the mix. Leila who ran the class was very upbeat and enthusiastic which made the class really interesting and fun. She also runs the barre class that I was planning to go to but I was running late and missed it!

My friend and I are planning to go back and do the barre class together.

Next week, I’m back to work so it’ll be back to the gym doing the usual cardio and circuits. I might have to join one of the classes that they run in the gym at work.

Fancy joining in the challenge? All you need to do is share photos of your new active hobby experience with #trysomethingactive on social media for your chance to win some Bounce balls! It’s not too late to get involved!

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