I talk a lot about being healthy on my blog – you’ve all probably noticed that I almost always include the word health whenever I’m talking about goals, so I just wanted to write a post about what healthy means to me and also find out what it means to you.

Before you roll your eyes at the screen, take a minute to think about what healthy means to you?

It means different things to everyone.

If you’d asked me what it meant about 4 years ago I would’ve probably shrugged my shoulders and mumbled something about people who only ever eat salad…but the meaning of healthy is completely different for me now.

I didn’t use to think much about being healthy – my focus was on being slim…ok, it was on being skinny. I didn’t sleep enough or eat enough and, although I quite liked how I looked in a dress, looking back I definitely wasn’t healthy.

Most of us probably think of physical health, medical health and nutritional health, but it’s important you don’t forget your mental health too. That includes social health and spiritual health (whether it’s through religion or meditation, or something else).

Until recently I hadn’t thought about how my mental health could be suffering due to my hectic lifestyle. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has sacrificed sleep, as well as time with friends and family to meet work/course deadlines. Being with the people you love is important for your mental and social health though, it relaxes you and can make you forget work/relationship/money struggles for a while, which is great!

The photo at the top of this post is of some of my pole family and I on the beach. The reason I’ve used that photo is because, although I don’t get to pole class as much as I’d like to at the moment because money is tight after just finishing a three year degree, those women are some of the most balanced and genuine people I’ve ever met…and to me, that’s being healthy.

It’s not about being the person in the room with the best willpower, who never eats a grain of refined sugar or the one who has never missed a day at the gym. It’s about having balance and understanding that being healthy means you can do everything in moderation. It’s about allowing yourself to be happy.

Don’t forget that mental health is equally as important as physical and nutritional health.

Of course I recommend regular exercise and healthy eating, but don’t get too caught up in it so it affects your mental health. I used to hate myself if I missed a workout and even forced myself to go to the gym while I had tonsillitis many years ago, just so I could know I hadn’t ‘failed’! That’s not healthy.

Invest time in yourself. Look after your body, inside and out.

What does healthy mean to you, and has your opinion changed over the years?

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