Pole dancing used to be something only associated with sleazy nightclubs and scantily clad women, but over the past few years it’s become huge in the fitness world. I had to write a post about it as I have been happily ‘poling’ for over a year, and I LOVE it!

Not only can you burn up to an amazing 600 calories per session but it also helps to sculpt your muscles into a long, sleek, gorgeous shape.

When I first started pole dancing I was pretty nervous as I didn’t really know what to expect, but I soon lost all nerves and became addicted. Everyone I know who has ever tried pole dancing feels exactly the same – of all the different fitness classes I’ve tried this is easily the one where I made the most friends.

You get to know your classmates really well because you’re helping to ‘spot’ them when trying new moves, etc, and everyone I’ve ever poled with has been super friendly and supportive.

You leave each class having achieved something new too! This is a picture of the first time I did an invert (went upside down)… I was immensely proud because getting past that fear of the first invert was a big thing for me.

Why I Love Pole Dancing

I’ve come quite far since then and still get the same feeling each time I achieve a new position. It’s awesome! That feeling of success is amazing and makes me constantly want to push myself to do even better.

It’s not like most other exercise classes where you wait months or even years to achieve the goals you set – with pole you set a new target each class, and usually manage to reach it within a few sessions. It’s a wonderful way to give your self-esteem a boost and I recommend it to everyone to try.

If you’re at all curious about trying pole dancing, go for it! I did and haven’t looked back.

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