Pole dancing used to be something only associated with sleazy nightclubs and scantily clad women, but over the past few years it’s become huge in the fitness world and I had to write a post about it as I’ve been happily ‘poling’ for over a year and love it!

Not only can you burn loads of calories every session, but it also helps to sculpt your muscles into a long, sleek, gorgeous shape.

Pole dancing gives a complete body workout and after your first few sessions you’ll realise you’ve been working muscles you never even knew existed. It’s thanks to this that you’ll tone up fast as you’ll be working different muscle groups simultaneously.

This form of exercise seriously increases your strength and after regular sessions you can expect to see increased muscle definition in your arms, bum and thighs.


Another wonderful thing about learning to pole dance is constantly achieving your goals. Unlike many forms of exercise where you focus on creating distant goals for the future, in pole dancing you experience the feeling of achievement in each session.

You can even start the session not being able to do a particular move and by the end of the session be able to do it. Obviously some goals take longer, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you’re capable of achieving in just a few classes!

Each time you achieve a new move you feel inspired to do better and it works wonders for your self-esteem – many women (including myself) describe pole dancing as liberating. Unlike gyms and aerobics classes, you aren’t constantly reminded that you’re there to lose weight, it’s simply about learning a new skill and having fun along the way. The fact that your body improves each time is just an awesome bonus.

For those of you who are interested but worried it will be too difficult, keep in mind that the images in this post are not of a beginner and that all levels of strength and fitness are catered for in beginners classes.

There will also be those of you who are nervous about what you will have to wear for a class… Shorts and a vest top are best as your skin needs to have contact with the pole, but you don’t have to wear heels.

As well as the many body image and self-esteem benefits, pole dancing has also been associated with preventing heart disease and diabetes during the later stages of life.

Oh, and I couldn’t write this post without mentioning how fabulously supportive ‘pole families’ are. My pole family is incredible, in all honesty I could write a gushing blog post just about them, but I won’t put you through that. Instead I’ll just say…

What are you waiting for? Go check it out…

Warning: Once you try pole dancing you will be addicted!

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