Last night I went to a yoga on the roof class at Netil House, Hackney. The class was organised by the lovely people at We Heart Living, and taught by the fabulously charismatic Katy from Red Panda Yoga.

I was excited to take part in the class because, let’s be honest, it sounds perfect…yoga on the roof in London! I wasn’t disappointed – with nothing above you except the sky it was a great way to escape the rush of the city, and relax while taking in the fresh air you wouldn’t get in a studio.

We were all made to feel very comfortable, and although I’ve only done yoga a few times in the past, there weren’t any moves that freaked me out. Each position was explained in great detail, and Katy was walking around for the whole class helping us to correctly align our bodies. I felt at ease, and let go of all of the stress – it was fab!


The whole class effectively consisted of one flow, as Katy kept us moving from one position to the next, meaning that we didn’t get cold (or bored). For those of you who think that yoga won’t do much for toning, this class will change your mind. I could definitely feel my muscles working hard throughout the class, but at no point did I feel uncomfortable or in the kind of body stress I feel from one of my usual workouts. It was a great way to work my muscles without feeling the stress of my usual HIIT style session.

The class ended with a wonderful surprise…during the cool down period, Katy sprinkled some lavender in the air and helped to soothe our muscles by giving us each a head and shoulders massage. I’ve never experienced this at any yoga class before, and I now actually feel like I’ve been missing out! It’s such a soothing, perfect way to end the class…the only issue was that I didn’t want to get up afterwards.

Is it worth going to the yoga on the roof class?

Absolutely! This was by far the best yoga class I’ve ever been to, and I now feel refreshed, and also very relaxed.

The classes take place on the roof of Netil House on Westgate Street, Hackney every Monday evening (7-8:15), and Saturday lunchtime (12:30-2) throughout the summer. It costs £10, and you can book your place online here.

For more information, follow We Heart Living’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

I feel great after tonight’s class…what are you waiting for? Book your tickets now!

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